From the recording Every Night of My Life


Shine( for Henry)
Gone with The Stones and their Satanic Majesty
Dead with The Dolls and Warhol’s Factory
Dead with the glorious music industry
Left in the wreck of the twentieth century

Nobody cares who you did in the seventies
Diamond Dogs is an old man’s memories.
Heres where its at, or leads eventually:
One room flat, making your jewelry
Living in the past and calling it history
Stringing one bead at a time.

And all your men in a line
Are like diamonds on a piece of common twine
And your children you’ve abandoned
But in your own eyes you shine
Stringing one bead at a time.

I saw you on the street selling your jewelry.
Man, where’s your band, where’s the woman you used to be?
They sold the lie-you bought the story.
Amen. Memento mori.
Lennon ain’t in heaven, he’s in Purgatory
Burning one sin at a time