From the recording Every Night of My Life

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I'm so very sorry
Stop me if you heard this story.
Do not worry about my self-esteem.
I got a tale to tell
I don't recall too well
If I told you once before or in a dream:
I had a New Wave Act
And we were dressed in black.
We often shared the bill with Crime and Barry Beam
In between
Oh, the power and the glory!
My Devo-does-il-Trovatore-y
Biting Post-Modern commentary!

The badly aging self-congratulatin'
Members of my generation
Lost their looks but kept their vanity
We never didn't do much
Just went to bars  and such
But when we talk its like we fought at Normandy.
We all had New Wave acts
Pretentious Art School twats
Some were Communists politically 
On the eve  of our senility
We weave Homeric Odysseys 
From stupid shit we did at twenty-three

I had a New Wave Act
The Mabuhay was packed
In fact, Jello in the wings was watching me 
He envied
My power and m’ glory
M’ Devo-does-il-Trovatore-y

Take yourself a seat n'
Pardon me if I'm repeatin'
Something out of ancient history.
I can't remember if told ya-
A problem when you're getting older:
Foggy eyes and foggy memory.
I had a New Wave Act
Did I just tell you that?
We had a manager who looked Rasputin-y
Tapes were sent to Warner Brothers
Capitol and many others 
Said we were too close to Klaus Nomi.

I had a New Wave Act
The Mabuhay was packed
We almost opened one time once for XTC
For free
The power and the glory
Never really bore me
More results than poverty or STD's