From the recording Every Night of My Life

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I can't deny the truth but I can denigrate the source
I can't forget the past, but I can minimize the cost
And how long I've been lost…
How long I've been lost!
Lost my home
Lost my hope
Lost my heart
And my hold
On my sanity
Too easily
And yet…

Every night of my life
I recall moonlight.
Find a line
And a tight rhyme
And I'm all right.
Starlight. Streetlight.
Old friends of mine.
See my sunrise
At Sunset and Vine

“Pray you make no mistake
We're not shy.
We really are quite wide awake
The moon and I
I mean to rule the Earth
As she the sky”*
"The Moon and I"
I sang as I tried
Making my way
In an endless L.A.

*Adapted from
The Sun Whose Rays Are All Ablaze