From the recording VIRTUE TRIUMPHS

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I got nothing in my noggin and my knees are knocking time
I wish I had a problem I could get off of my mind
Something should go wrong. I wish the world would fall on me
I am unworthy of your pleasure and I miss my misery

Honey, don’t be good to me

You stand by me and respect me. You always understand.
You trust me and you love me for only what I am.
I wish you would neglect me or suspect that I’m untrue
It would only help to wreck me and thats what I want to do Honey, don’t be good to me

You will follow as I lead
To difficulties guaranteed
To test the strength of our little dream-come-true

Do you love me? Do you love me? Can I get to see how much? Can I get to have a part of me I know you’ll never touch?
It’s important I convince you everything is wrong
I really ain’t too happy if I’m happy for too long

Honey, don’t be good to me.

Composed 1978
Recorded 1991
Andy Prieboy- Vocal, keyboards
Cassie Webb- Background vocal/ vocal arrangement
Scott Thunes- Bass
Mike Fennel-Engineer
Universal Music/BMI