Virtue Triumphs (Prologue)

I offer you this passion play
By my declining wit in these dimming days
For your merriment! For your enlightenment !
Where the Devil, bedeviled by the demanding damned,
Forgets my lover's idle hands
And with evil absent she suddenly
Grows drunk on a drop of integrity !

When the Devil is not in the mood
Virtue is triumphant!
When the Devil is not in the mood
Virtue triumphs!

We do our best when we do naught
Yet our lungs breath life to lofty thought:
We'd never steal what is nailed fast,
Or tell a lie if no one asks.
Behold these angels of love and trust
Above all malice. Above all lust.
Oh sweet salvation, we avoid temptation
When temptation avoids us!

Andy Prieboy- Vocals and Keyboards.
Scot Thunes- Bass
Cassie Webb- Vocals/vocal arrangement
Estephan Bravo- Vocals
Michael Ried - Guitar
Mike Fennel- Engineer
Universal Music Publishing/BMI