A Lot More Love. A free download for you. 

Happy new year. A gift for you.

Why this song? 

I could have used a lot more love - The idea behind the lyric seems simple. At first listen, it appears it is a lament where I wish I had been loved better and more often throughout my life.
That is not the case.   

What moved me to write this song was realizing that I could have loved better. I could have loved more
So many times, I should have used love first.   

I believe it a proper sentiment for the year we are facing. I offer it here to you. A small gesture of my
gratitude to you all. 

I wish you the strength to love in the year to come. May tolerance and empathy always be your preemptive move.


Andy Prieboy


A Lot More Love 

I've been walking all night 
I've been walking 'till dawn 
I've been a fool all my life 
I never fooled anyone 
And my summers have gone 
And my winter has come 
And the one thing that I'm thinking of: 
I could have used a lot more love. 

Right to the heart 
And a left to the jaw 
Bright were the stars 
They were the last thing I saw 
And I tried to be strong 
And I tried to be tough 
But I'm never ever tough enough 
I could have used a lot more love 

And when the moon comes up 
In a pool of blood 
I could have used a lot more love