New Release Coming!

For about two years I have been off-line. 

The decline and deaths of two souls who I deeply loved robbed me of my focus. I worked, yes, but it was difficult. As I recovered from losing one, I began to lose the other. 

Ask anyone who knows me: I don't bounce back quickly. 

But, sometime in mid-summer, I came roaring back to life. My mind and heart cleared.  I began writing, cleaning, tweaking and mixing songs that had been accumulating somehow over the past two dark years. Things were looking good. I planned a release in autumn. 

Then came the California wildfires in November. Quickly taking only dogs, clothing and cologne, I left instruments, recordings, gear, photos and everything else behind. 

We were away for almost a month. Some six hundred homes in my area were destroyed. Nine were lost one block over. Up the hill, an entire neighborhood was wiped out. Our home was mercifully, nay! Miraculously untouched. 

By mid-December, with the power back on and the smoke damage gone, I went back into the studio, putting the finishing touches on that aforementioned collection of songs. 

I will be releasing it within a week. It's called Every Night of My Life. 

Look for it soon! 

That is if the wildfires don't return. 

Fingers crossed. 

And hey, don't fucking die on me, okay? I couldn't handle another one.