one and one make three

1979 - 2021 


In 2019 the obvious dawned on me: after many decades I had accumulated a large assortment of abandoned, never-finished, or simply-forgotten songs. Some I grew out of, some were not appropriate for other projects, and a few were a little too painful to summon up.  

At one time or another, these creations were vitally important to me. They demanded a lot of effort to refine, to arrange, to argue about with band members. To perform live. Ultimately they all were tossed aside as life rushed in, sweeping the songs and everything else away.  

I decided to honor the time, faith, and pains they once demanded of me and record them. I would create an album and travel down some lost musical paths.  

And to my delight, I found that revisiting and inhabiting all these ancient songs ended up being a surprising pleasure. I enjoyed the hours I spent with the person I used to be. Exploring the world he once lived in with the people he loved.  

Spanning the decades between the end of the seventies all the way to 2021, these songs are placed in chronological order and, in most cases, re-recorded and arranged as I originally conceived them. My first duty, after all, is to the music and lyrics. 

Andy Prieboy  
March, 2022  
Malibu, California


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