From the recording EVERY LADY GETS A SONG

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I'm a grand old hand at knowing
Where the hand of God is going
I'm forced to be as He made me
A weed among the mustard seed
He's sowing.

New in town and I knew no one
Not a clue to get it goin'
There’s just some dude named Coon or Cohen
And a girl who calls herself Coyote

Cut my hair and got a dye was all it took
I'm the same great guy with a great new look
Change Your Clothes You Change Your Life
I wrote the book!
I'm the same great guy
A great new look
Is all it took

Why did god make me so ugly?
I need acquaintances because we
Meet their friends and friends-of-friends
I dress like them and find myself a family…

Andy Prieboy- Piano,Vocals,Guitar
Tony Kinman- Bass,Vocals
David Kendrick- Drums,Percussion

Catasonic Studios
Mark Wheaton-Engineer